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30 May 2011 @ 03:01 am
▲ 진심을 너에게? (tbc lol)  
When people love you, what are you supposed to feel?
I feel absolutely nothing.
What does nothing feel like?
I guess it's just an empty void within you, like there's always something missing.
It's very lonely.


"Hey Yoseob, do you remember how to brooklyn rock?" Doojoon asks when their teacher leaves the classroom. Yoseob nods, "Yeah, why?" "I forgot, can you reteach me?"

Yoseob shrugs and stands up, Doojoon following. "Well, first you want to-" He begins but is cut off by a growl. "Can't you do that somewhere else?" They both look over and see Junhyung obstructed from returning to his seat because of them. They move to let him pass, "I swear," Doojoon begins when Junhyung is out of hearing range, "That guy is always pissed for no reason." Yoseob shrugs, he didn't really know him; apart from the absurd rumors circulating about him, he seemed like an average delinquent. 

Yoseob curiously eyed him, he was reading in the corner by himself. Many people had attempted to approach him but failed miserably because he was just that unfriendly. Yoseob had pondered trying before but decided against it, he didn't want to befriend someone like that anyways. He realized he must have been staring too long because Junhyung glanced up from his book and glared at him, causing him to quickly avert his eyes.

"Did you hear what I said?" Doojoon asked, staring at Yoseob, who snapped his head around with wide eyes, "Huh? You say something?" Doojoon looks as though he's pondering something for a minute and finally says, "Nevermind." This is when Yoseob narrows his eyes, "Nevermind?" He says, "On a list of the most annoying things someone can say to me, that's at least on the top five." He complains. Doojoon rolls his eyes, "I said, do you wanna go out with me." Now Yoseob's pretty much just really confused, Doojoon was a great friend and all but he never gave off a vibe that said anything more than that.

"Uh..." Yoseob starts, and Doojoon interrupts, "Yeah, I know it's sudden, but can't we at least try?" Yoseob shrugs, "Sure, why not." This causes Doojoon's mouth to curve up into a smile. "Yeah?" He asks, just to be sure. "Yeah." Yoseob smiles and nods, there was no harm in trying?

Junhyung shuts his book, he didn't feel like reading anymore.


Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Current Music: Living Dolls - One Ok Rock