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20 May 2011 @ 05:22 pm
▲ ipod drabbles  
+put songs on shuffle, and write a drabble until the song ends+
warning: un-beta'd
i linked the song titles.

1 - 1sagain + FatDoo - Hello Doctor // junseob

Junhyung walked aimlessly down the road, how could he deal with this pain?
It was unbearable.
He slammed his phone to the ground, breaking it.
Yes, just because he was getting too many phone calls and texts.
What did it matter being popular if he couldn't be with the one he loved?
Yang Yoseob.

Junhyung sighed, and approached a bridge.
Suicide was so cliche, he almost hated resulting to this.
He was empty, though.
There was clearly no reason for living.

It would be painless, he'd die upon contact.
That thought kept him wanting to continue.
So he began climbing over the side.
But he stopped suddenly.
Why am I so pathetic?
Why can't I just do this?
He hated that he loved Yoseob, but even more that he didn't have the guts to kill himself.
But really, what did he have to live for?
He sat down with his back against the bars.

"Excuse me." He heard a quiet voice near him.
He looked up and was met with the face of Yoseob.
Yoseob cringed at the sight of a broken-down Junhyung.
"You're in my class, right? Are you okay?"
Did he see?
Junhyung nodded slowly, unable to speak.
"Well, I just had to make sure." He replied, blushing.
"If you ever need anything you can always talk to me..." He mumbled and quickly walked away.
Junhyung looked after the boy and all thoughts of suicide flooded from his head.

2 - 2NE1 - Go Away // jongkey

Kibum made his way through the crowd, desperately trying to get away from Jonghyun.
He wouldn't stop following him.

"Who were you with?!" Jonghyun yelled, pulling back his arm and slapping Kibum.
Kibum grabbed his injured face and stared at Jonghyun with wide eyes.
"Oh no, I'm sorry Kibum. I didn't mean to..." Jonghyun mumbled quickly, trying to hug Kibum.
But he shoved him away.
"You always say that. I'm tired of you hurting me." Kibum said, and ran out of Jonghyun's house.

"Stop!" Jonghyun shouted, finally catching up to Kibum.
He snatched him back by his arm, and he fell onto the pavement, scratching up his arm.
Blood started oozing from the cut and Kibum stood up, lip quivering.
"Kibum..." He said, staring at the injury.

"Just go away Jonghyun, and don't bother with me anymore." He said, and was finally able to leave without Jonghyun stopping him.

3 - Train - Drops Of Jupiter // none

Kikwang lay his head down on his desk.
Could it get more boring?
Junhyung walked over and plopped down next to him, "What's the matter with you?"
Kikwang sighed, "I have nothing to do these days, it's really depressing."
"Well, pick up a hobby?" Junhyung recommended.
Kikwang scoffed, "Really? You're not the best at giving advice."
He grumbled and glanced out the window.
He wanted to be somewhere else, anywhere but here.
He was just going through the motions these days.
Was it always like this?
Did he just not notice before?
"I think I'll take a vacation..." He mumbled.
"Eh?" Junhyung asked, glancing over.
"Fuck school."
Kikwang got up and left the room.
"Yah! Kikwang-" The teacher started, but he was long gone.

4 - The Juliana Theory - We're At The Top Of The World // jongkey

Kibum slid his hand into Jonghyun's and smiled.
Jonghyun looked over, "Huh?"
Kibum kept walking, they were at an amusement park and he knew how much Jonghyun hated public displays of affection.
"Kibuuuum." He whined.
But Kibum ignored him and ushered him along, "I'm your boyfriend! Shouldn't you want to flaunt it?"
Jonghyun rolled his eyes because he knew there was never any way to argue with Kibum.
"Whatever." He said, smiling.
Because he secretly enjoyed it too.
And he knew he was going to enjoy this forever.
He leaned over and pecked Kibum on his temple, causing a blush to spread over his cheeks.

5 - 2winS - Bleeding // jongkey

Kibum glared at Jonghyun.
It had to be him.
He got up and walked over, slamming a poster down on his desk.
"It was you, wasn't it?" Kibum asked.
Jonghyun just smirked at his friends and gave Kibum an innocent look.
"What was me?"
Kibum scoffed, and stopped himself from pouncing on Jonghyun right then and gouging his eyes out. He might have, if the teacher weren't there.
"You know what you did. You vandalized my poster! How can I turn this shit in?" Kibum asked, shoving the poster in Jonghyun's face.
Jonghyun slapped it away and rolled his eyes, "I think I have much better things to do than vandalize your poster."
"Sure, says the guy who constantly picks on me for no reason." Kibum says, narrowing his eyes.
"You've never heard that guys will pick on a girl they like?" Jonghyun asks and Kibum laughs.
"Yeah, sure, Kim Jonghyun likes me." He says, shaking his head.
Jonghyun shrugs, "It's the truth."
"I'm not a girl..." Kibum mumbles and walks away.
"Friday at 4:00, the movie theater." Jonghyun calls after Kibum.
He just sits in his desk and tries to remake his poster.
Secretly jotting Jonghyun's words down on his hand.
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taeminrapetaeminrape on May 20th, 2011 09:32 pm (UTC)
spot for: k_pop4life

The Queen of Disaster~k_pop4life on May 22nd, 2011 03:36 pm (UTC)
omg baby sorry for the late comment
i was just caught up in too many things

they were great I loved all of them
I might check out some of the songs later <3

I love the last jongkey one
it was cute and straightforward
Kibum can't deny the attraction towards Kim Jonghyun. NO one can
taeminrapetaeminrape on May 23rd, 2011 01:47 am (UTC)
ahaha it's alright, as long as you read it eventually :D ♥

and thank you :3